:: Interactive Resume | Downloadable Resume | Writing Samples :: was created during my sophomore semester at Northeastern. There were many reasons for creating the website, but the main one was to have a place to post all the projects I have worked on with people. I had never made a website before, and wanted a chance to learn HTML as well as some Flash and Photoshop.

We reworked the website over the 2007 holiday and turned it into a blog. We now ask interesting game related questions several times a week and discuss them. It is an interesting way for all of us to form and show interesting ideas.

The most popular part of the GameTruth website are the Photoshop Tutorials. All of these tutorials are written by me. I enjoyed making effects in Photoshop and after posting several of them it became very popular with the visitors.

Another important part of the website is the Projects Page. This page has a number of different projects I have personally been involved with. All four of the projects cover various areas of interest to me.

GameTruth has also been a place for me to write about video games. On my Features Page there is a number of different articles written by me that cover all sorts of topics related to video games.

If there are any questions of comments about the website feel free to contact me. I hope to pick it back up soon and start updating again. Enjoy.