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On this page you will find several examples of my writing. I have included mostly technical writing but will in the future put up a few creative pieces. As always, a great resource for my writing can be found on GameTruth or on my Tumblr.

Well Played 1.0 - I wrote a chapter for this book while in graduate school. The book focuses on close readings of games, essentially deep reviews that cover both game mechanics and the game experience. My chapter was on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and discusses a new story structure based on the Hero's Journey. The book can be downloaded for free or purchased from Lulu.

Dreamcraft 101 - At the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center the major class that is required by all students is Building Virtual Worlds. This piece was written to explain this class and to show that this sort of education is important and meaningful.

Capstone Design Executive Summary - This was the final executive summary of our project. It essentially explains the entire year’s worth of work in fewer than five pages. I was the principal author on this paper.

Advanced Writing for the Disciplines - During my middler year in college I wrote this paper about using active learning and robots to teach undergraduate engineers. This is an excellent example of a research paper and the supplemental materials contain lesson plans and other work.

Statistical Analysis of Solar Geomagnetic Storm Occurrences - In high school I did an internship at the MIT Haystack/Millstone Hill Observatory. This is the paper I wrote on the project. It was published in the Journal of Undergraduate Study and Independent Research.

Managing the Tradeoffs in the Digital Transformation of an Educational Board Game to a Computer-based Simulation - This paper was written in my final semester at Northeastern University and it chronicles the work done during an independent study concerning the use of games for learning. It was submitted to the ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium.

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